How to manage interventions via API


This section is only relevant to SINGLE and SINGLE_FIAT invoice types.

There are several scenarios when something can go wrong during your client Invoice payment. Calypso Payment supports following scenarios when you need to intervene into Invoice payment process and manually decide how to proceed.

There are two main types of interventions in Calypso Payment system:

  1. Underpay

If client payed less money than required in the Invoice.

  1. Overpay

If client payed more money than Invoice requires.

  1. To real-time track these scenarios and react to them you can use Calypso Webhook INVOICE_PENDING_INTERVENTION event type.

You can subscribe for this event type using Create Webhook endpoint: POST <<baseUrl2>>/api/v1/subscription/webhook/create

curl --location --request POST '<<baseUrl2>>/api/v1/subscription/webhook/create' \
--header 'Key: <your_api_key>' \
--header 'Sign: <your_sign>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
  "timestamp": 13292792792,
  "account": "0xc195df92dd9db2a8f28e597981f113d6e7582f8b",
  "payload": {
    "notificationEventTypes": [
    "requestId": "bf9348b7-2c14-46d7-868c-b597852da319",
    "url": "Your App URL"

After creating a Webhook for INVOICE_PENDING_INTERVENTION event you’ll start receiving incoming requests of a following format in case of an event appearing:

  "requestId": "bf9348b7-2c14-46d7-868c-b597852da319",
  "id": 3,
  "createdDate": "2022-06-17T12:13:05.909616",
  "level": "SUCCESS",
  "service": "INVOICE",
  "data": {
    "parentExternalId": "d9732536-acdd-41bd-87c3-ec40aeeb6a37",
    "message": "Invoice example",
    "idempotencyKey": "5b0ca8da-6af4-4a1c-9efd-5cbfc19ace09"
  1. In case of receiving an incoming request about pending intervention you’ll need to use Get a Specific Invoice endpoint in order to receive detailed information about Invoice and understand your next steps: Get a Specific Invoice (POST <<baseUrl2>>/api/v1/invoice)

You will see changes in the fields:

  • The value of state is PENDING_INTERVENTION
  • The value of interventionType is either OVERPAY or UNDERPAY depending on received amount of money bigger or lower than amount.
  • The value of isInterventionResolved is false.

To resolve this intervention you can withdraw the money to the merchant’s wallet by sending Resolve intervention and receive money to the wallet request (POST <<baseUrl2>>/api/v1/invoice/return-to-paid).

The invoice state changes to PAID and invoice will be completed then.

After invoice became COMPLETED you can mark that intervention was resolved with the client by sending Mark that intervention is resolved in invoice request (POST <<baseUrl2>>/api/v1/invoice/close-intervention).

This request changes the value of field isInterventionResolved to “true”.