Accept Payments FAQ

Is there a minimal sum with which an invoice can be created?

We recommend to not set the invoice amount below 10 USD equivalent in chosen currency

Do the invoices have expiration?

By default an invoice will expire in 1 day after its creation. When creating an invoice you can set a custom expiration date

What happens if money is deposited on an invoice after it expires? Including the situation when the transaction has already been initiated but is taking long?

The invoice will be in state "ARCHIVED". Our system doesn't monitor these addresses after the invoice is moved to that state, so the merchant won't be able to know about the deposits. It can be checked only manually, and money from that address can be withdrawn only manually by our team as well.

Can the merchant check the actual sum that was deposited to the invoice address? 

Yes, at the moment you can do it via UI - on any invoice card you can click "More info" and you will see more information about the given invoice, including the field "Money received" - the amount deposited to the invoice address and "Invoice wallet balance" - the actual balance on the invoice address at the moment.

Can you change the language to be used on the invoice payment page(the one that the end client sees)?

At the moment it is done automatically based on the client's browser language. 

How long does it take for invoice to be processed? (From client's funds being deposited to the invoice address till the callback on successful invoice completion)

Approximate time on the whole invoice processing depends on the blockchain:

Polygon, Tron, BSC, Doge - around 5 min

Ethereum - up to 10 min

Bitcoin takes longer - up to several hours.

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