Make Payments FAQ

Where is the payout shown if there was not enough funds to make it?

Page Payouts → In Progress

Is there any limit on number of transactions in mass payouts?

  • ETH 1000
  • Tokens on ETH 1000
  • BTC 100
  • DOGE 100
  • TRON 100

Approved payout is being processed for very long time, is there any problem?

In most cases there are no issues with the payouts, but there can be several reasons for slower processing:

  1. You have set too low blockchain fee

  2. The network is congested at the moment and all the transactions are taking longer

  3. There have been other transactions from that address and they haven't been finished yet - transactions are processed following the order

What is the transaction speed in payout creation menu?

It is the sum that the user wants to spend on the network fee for that transaction. The higher the sum is - the faster the transaction will be processed and vice versa.

Can you cancel the payout?

The created payout can be cancelled only before it gets approved by all the responsible supervisors. If all the approvals were given and the payout has been created it is impossible to cancel or alter it as if the transaction has been translated to the blockchain it becomes immutable.

What’s Next

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