Single Payout

Creating payout via API

  1. Check account balance and ensure enough funds for payouts are available by using the method POST;
  2. Create the payout by using the method POST;
  3. Get the data on the payout and its status by using the method POST;

Scheme of information process interaction

Below is an example of creating a payout from a client’s site or application.

Names of requests on the scheme indicate certain payment API methods.

Payout statuses:

PENDING_CONFIRMATIONA payout is created via UI and is awaiting confirmation from other process participants.
CONFIRMED• A payout is created via UI and confirmed by other process participants.
• A payout created via API is automatically created with this status.
IN_PROGRESS• Transaction for a payout is created and is awaiting to be sent to the network.
•Transaction for a payout is sent to the network to be sent to a block and is awaiting confirmation from nodes.
COMPLETEDFunds are successfully credited to destination wallet.
FAILEDAn error occurred when sending funds. There can be many reasons of the error. You may follow these remediation steps:
1. Wait a while and create a new similar payout.
2. Contact our technical support.
CANCELEDA payout has been canceled by merchant.

Diagram nodes indicate payout statuses, arrows indicate processes a successful completion of which transfers a payout from one status to another.