Calypso Pay supports the following products:

  • Limited Invoice is a commercial document issued by a merchant to a client relating to a sale transaction. It includes provided products and services, their quantities and agreed costs.
  • Payment Link is a link to a one-time invoice. Payment links can be sent by email, messenger or in any other way.
  • Unlimited Invoice is an invoice without a fixed amount. Payments to the invoice of this type can be accepted in unlimited quantities for any amount for an unlimited time. Funds are transferred to the hot wallet if necessary.
  • Payment Widget is an out of the box solution for accepting crypto currencies from your clients. It is versatile, easy to set up and adjust for you and easy to use for your clients. While being based on our invoice product under the hood, it also gives your client the possibility to choose the currency and different ways to pay - by just copying the needed address, scanning the QR code or connecting via Metamask or Walletconnect in just a few clicks.
  • Merchant Wallet is a wallet in different currencies supported by Calypso Pay where merchant can hold his funds.
  • Single Payout is a payment of a reward, dividend, insurance compensation, etc. (i.e. you may need to pay dividends to partners).
  • Mass payout is a method of paying multiple recipients simultaneously. Since mass payouts are submitted online, they are processed instantly which helps organizations to save time, money and resources.
  • Recurrent Payments is a way to receive payments by merchant from a client on a regular basis via subscription. This functionality allows you to create, manage and receive information about a subscription for your client.