The format of error messages:

    "errorCode": "000",
    "message": "Internal server error"

The Calypso API uses the following error codes:

000Internal server errorError on system side. Please contact the support.
001Bad requestIncorrect input data.
002Invalid api keyInvalid public api key in request.
003Wrong signSign transmitted in request is built incorrectly.
004Requested object is not found
006Invoice is in incorrect state for operation
011Invalid timestamp parameter
012Invalid Payout state
014Invalid hot wallet currency
015Currency does not match wallet blockchain
016IdempotencyKey {idemmpotencyKeyUUID} already existsIn the payout creation request already used uuid for idempotency key is transmitted
016Can not create deal. Validation failedValidation error in payout creation. One or more request parameters were not validated
018Event types or service types must not be empty
019Duplicate was found by requestIdSuch requestId already used.
020Not found subscription by requestId
021RequestId must not be null
022Subscription not belongs to current user
024Quantity limit exceeded by mass deal
026Can not create invoiceBusiness error in input data
027Can not find invoice
029Can not archive invoiceInvoice is not in correct state
031Filling in the field is superfluousLength of value exceeded the limit
032Filling in the field is required
035Wrong expiration
036Can't create dealBusiness error in input data
037Client with this name already exists
038Payout doesn't exist
041Can not cancel payout in not correct state
042DealWithdrawal doesn't existTransaction in mass payout doesn't exist
043Client was not found
044Unsupported currency
054Invoice with this idempotencyKey already exists
056Recurrent was not found
057Recurrent not belongs user
058Recurrent already deleted
059Can not create Recurrent. Validation failed
060Can not create Recurrent. Currency is unavailable
061Deposit address doesn't belong to your company
062Wrong deposit address blockchainAddress is not in correct format for selected blockchain.
063Currency {currency} not found for the current accountYou don't have a wallet with corresponding currency on this account