Types of events

Calypso supports a number of different event types, and you can filter your notification requests depending on types or group of events you send in the request.

There are two ways to subscribe to notifications. You can send values in one of following fields (or in both) using a POST request to the create webhook endpoint:

  • notificationServiceTypes - groups of possible event types: [INVOICE, PAYOUT, RECURRENT]. Send values in this field to subscribe to all events of chosen group. See list of events in each group below in the section Events by group.
  • notificationEventTypes - event types for which you can receive notifications. Send values in this field to subscribe to particular events. See list of events below in the section Events by group.

Events by group


Event typeDescription
INVOICE_CREATE_INVOICENew single invoice has been created
INVOICE_CREATE_UNLIMITED_INVOICENew unlimited invoice has been created
INVOICE_FUNDS_RECEIVED_FOR_INVOICEFunds have been received to invoice wallet
INVOICE_TRANSLATION_TO_ACCOUNT_COMPLETEDFunds have been received from invoice wallet to the merchant balance.
INVOICE_PENDING_INTERVENTIONInvoice has changed state to INVOICE_PENDING_INTERVENTION. Either more or less funds was received to the invoice wallet than required.
INVOICE_EXPIREDInvoice expiration date has expired.
INVOICE_PAIDInvoice successfully paid. All required amount has been received to invoice wallet.
INVOICE_MEMPOOL_FOUNDInvoice transaction has been found in mempool but still not confirmed in blockchain.


Event typeDescription
PAYOUT_CHANGE_STATUSPayout has changed state to In Progress, Canceled, Failed or Completed
PAYOUT_CONFIRMEDPayout has changed state to Confirmed
PAYOUT_SPEEDED_UPPayout has been speeded up
PAYOUT_VALIDATION_ERRORValidation error has been occurred during payout processing
PAYOUT_WITHDRAWALS_CREATING_VALIDATION_ERRORMass payout is failed because of the validation error in it withdrawal(s)
PAYOUT_ETHEREUM_APPROVAL_VALIDATION_ERRORError in mass payout during transaction validation in blockchain (Ethereum only)


Event typeDescription
RECURRENT_ARCHIVEDSubscription has changed state to Archived
RECURRENT_CREATEDNew recurrent subscription was created
RECURRENT_CANCELLEDSubscription has been cancelled by the client
RECURRENT_PAUSEDSubscription has changed state to Paused
RECURRENT_ACTIVATEDSubscription has changed state to Active
RECURRENT_NEARING_COMPLETIONSubscription is about to end. The notification occurs in case if 3 days before the end of the subscription period.
RECURRENT_PAYMENT_CREATEDNew subscription payment has been created.
RECURRENT_PAYMENT_COMPLETEDSubscription payment has changed state to Completed
RECURRENT_PAYMENT_FAILEDSubscription payment has changed state to Failed
RECURRENT_PAYMENT_NOT_ENOUGHT_BALANCENot enough balance on client address for subscription payment transaction. The notification can be sent in the moment of payment and 3 days before payment.
RECURRENT_PAYMENT_NOT_ENOUGHT_ALLOWANCENot enough allowed funds on client address for subscription payment transaction. The notification can be sent in the moment of payment and 3 days before payment.
RECURRENT_PAYMENT_TRANSFER_FROM_FAILEDError occurred during transferFrom message sending