Unlimited Invoice

Process description

Unlimited invoice is an invoice without a fixed amount. Payments to the invoice of this type can be accepted in unlimited quantities for any amount for unlimited time. Funds are transferred to the hot wallet if necessary.

Unlimited invoices can be used as clients wallets:

  • Send API request to create an invoice with type "UNLIMITED" (POST https://public-gateway.calypso.finance/api/v1/pub/invoice/create)
  • Provide the generated address and other data from the response to the client
  • Client can top up this wallet whenever he wants without any restrictions
  • To withdrawal money from this client wallet you can send the request "Funds withdrawal" (POST https://public-gateway.calypso.finance/api/v1/pub/invoice/unlimited/withdrawal)

Create invoice request example

Example of the create unlimited invoice request:

  "nonce": 13292792793,
  "request": {
    "currency": "ETH",
    "description": "wallet of client 1",
    "hotWalletAddress": "0x3c1f886e5edf475980bea31c5e05d2e457b7e752",
    "idempotencyKey": "c15b5eb6-e01d-4161-9dfa-a1193ad0371e",
    "type": "UNLIMITED"