Recurrent Payments


Recurrent payments is a way to receive payments by merchant from a client on a regular basis via subscription.

This functionality allows you to create, manage and receive information about a subscription for your client.

For now we allow merchants and their clients to use recurrent payments functionality for ERC-20 (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon blockchains) tokens.

Merchant features:

  • Add a subscription form on the site
  • Customize your clients subscription: change duration, periodicity and free period options
  • Monitor your client payments
  • Receive funds directly to merchant’s wallet address

Client features:

  • Subscribe for a product/service and pay for it in cryptocurrency
  • Get a confirmation that subscription is active and money are received by a merchant
  • Cancel the subscription any time you want

Payment by subscription

To regularly transfer funds for provided products/services to a merchant account, the subscription must be created.

To allow a client to subscribe to your service from the <%= config[:env] %> subscription form, there are the following steps to be performed:

  • Send API request to create a subscription (POST
  • Redirect a browser of a user to the link of the following format:{linkId}

Example of the create subscription request:

  "nonce": 0,
  "request": {
    "amount": 1,
    "currency": "USDT",
    "depositAddress": "0x45aafbde1243ab39eccea1b4ba0174bc7bd130c7",
    "description": "subscription for client 1",
    "duration": 60,
    "freePeriod": 3,
    "name": "Subscription Extra",
    "periodicity": 30,
    "redirectUrl": "",
    "supportUrl": ""

Further steps to complete payment are performed by a user in the subscription form.

Subscription statuses

CREATED• A new subscription has been created.
• The client has not yet subscribed for your product/service.
PENDING_ACTIVATION• The client has subscribed for your product/service and gave allowance for funds withdrawal.
• The the incoming payment transaction has not yet been mined in the blockchain.
ACTIVE• The subscription is active.
• The funds for the the billing period have been received on merchant’s wallet.
PAUSED• Not enough funds on the client blockchain address to pay for subscription.
• he client has cancelled the allowance for funds permission.
ARCHIVEDSubscription is deleted by merchant (manually) or the system (after the subscription has ended)

Diagram nodes indicate subscription statuses, arrows indicate processes of a successful completion of subscription steps or occurring errors.