Payment Link

What is a Payment Link?

Payment Link is a link to a one-time invoice. Payment links can be sent by email, messenger or in any other way.

How does it work?

  • Creating a Payment Link.

You can use payment links to sell products/services,

launch subscriptions or collect donations.

  • Share the link.

Send the Payment Link via email, messenger or in any other way.

  • Invoice payment.

Use the Calypso UI, email or webhooks to be notified about successful payment and crediting of funds.

How to implement this via API?

Calypso API enables you with creating your own Payment links

To use Calypso Payment Link:
  • Send API request to create an invoice (POST
  • Copy generated idempotencyKey from the response
  • Redirect a browser of a user to the link of the following format:{idempotencyKey}

Further steps to complete payment are performed by a user in the payment form.

Below is a scheme demonstrating the listed steps.

Names of requests on the scheme indicate certain payment API methods.

Real example of the payment link here.

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